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1.6.4 VPN mod apk latest version provides you security and freedom of privacy on Android and PC with its premium features.
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Description VPN Mod APK is a robust virtual private network that lets you survive in this speedy world of the digital age. We are all habitants of the modern world where technology and the internet have become necessary. And we all are very well aware of the negatives of internet use. It will be a disaster for everyone if we cannot handle it properly.

Therefore, VPN Mod APK acts as a cover for your identity and can unlock many obstinate blocked contents for you. Moreover, it can bypass any firewall at any public site. This introduction is concise to this magical tool. Well, we will discuss all the issues related to the internet and the solutions offered by VPN Mod APK one by one.

About VPN Mod APK

The world of the internet is full of online deceptions and cybercrimes. But thanks to the inception of VPNs, which save our face while using the internet. One of the very reliable VPNs is Mod APK version. Although this VPN is in the initial phase, its premium features prove a watchdog for your privacy. Furthermore, it makes your escape successful from blocked websites.

hide me vpn mod apk latest version

The name behind this smart VPN is eVenture Ltd. mod APK has more than 20M users worldwide. Due to its guarantee of privacy, security, and barrier-breaking, it is one of the top-rated VPNs. Additionally, the latest version of the VPN is 1.6.4, with almost 10M+downloads all around the globe. And it has more than 100 servers in 24-plus countries. VPN pro mod APK version:

The VPN pro mod APK new version has additional features that provide remarkable free and premium services. This VPN will grant you higher security at lower costs and prices.

Features of VPN Mod APK VPN Apk has exciting features that are listed below. Let us tap these features one by one.

1. Speedy network VPN Mod Apk for android and pc is magical, and it gives you a speedy network connection. So, you need not pay for high-speed data now due to being a predator of slow VPN. Once you get this VPN, you will genuinely be pleased with the downloading. However, you only need to refresh 10GB of data every month.

2. No Mention of Firewalls VPN is excellent for unblocking apps and sites at school, offices, and public spots. As we know, these places and schools, in particular, block cell signals to use their wifi, which has game restrictions and bans on several sites. So at such places, works great. Because it can bypass any firewall quite quickly, and you can enjoy anything at any spot without hurdles.

3. Optimized use of Battery VPN mod apk premium is one of the best VPN services you have ever had. It gives you unique features of optimum battery use while using the Wireguard® protocol, which uses a minor battery percentage compared to the other protocols available. Moreover, it does not take up much space in your storage due to its appropriate size.

4. A Super Simple Tool

You will love to use latest version as you can also run it on the computer at home due to its super simple usage and it always has a server to connect to. is one of the few VPN services that are reliable enough.

5. Incredible support to IPV4 & IPV6 VPN truly supports IPV6 as opposed to blocking it or leaking it. Works like a charm on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. Furthermore, it is user-friendly and connects to a server with a single click. So undoubtedly VPN gives you a stellar experience.

6. No login or registration

Additionally, it is easy to download and may take a (very short) while to connect. It is simple to use. However, this app needs no login and no registration. Even a child can handle it smoothly.

7. Privacy handler VPN Mod APK is an impressive app to handle your privacy. If you want to hide your whereabouts and at the same time you have some tasks on the internet, then this app will be the best choice for you. equips you with a proxy IP. With this cover IP, you can travel through any website in any country.

On the other end, no one can dismantle your identity. This privacy cover will save you from hackers and other criminals in this online world.

8. Go for Secure Browsing is the best tool to encrypt your internet use, and you can surf any website securely. This Incredible App protects you from government surveillance. Moreover, you need not worry about data hackers and other cybercriminals with this app.

9. No Censorship for

There are many websites where you find blocked content. Or you face trouble while accessing websites. Therefore, is best to avoid any sensor-ship. Moreover, you can go to any website anonymously.

10. Split Tunneling

This VPN feature allows you to set do’s and don’ts for browsing activities. For example, which application do you want to surf and which should not? Further, it doesn’t take much bandwidth for internet activities.


If you want to use a VPN, then VPN Mod APK is the best choice for you. Because It is an excellent app for android and windows from 7 to 10, it assures you of certain activities on the internet. Moreover, it can unblock any banned sites for you in no time. So let’s see how to download VPN mod premium APK to get a speedy network while hiding your identity.

Download Mod Apk

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Q#1: How do I start to VPN mod apk?

  1. First of all, create an account of the
  2. Second-Go, for a server from the
  3. Then log in to your account and select a server here.
  4. Now go for VPN instant creation and PTTP settings.
  5. Check your IP address and location, and have a safe journey with

Q#2: Is hide me VPN safe?

Ans: Yes, the hide me VPN is safe to download on any of your devices.

Q#3: how to download hide me VPN on firestick?

Ans: To download VPN on firestick, go and download its app from Amazon Appstore. Choose your desired server location and hit the connect button. You are good to go with it.


What's new

New is 3.9.x
- Minor interface adjustment
- Small bug fixes

New is 3.8.x
- Support for username and password login on Android TV
- Support Google Actions and Bixby Routines
- Fixed few minor bugs
- Improve auto-connect on Android TV



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